The history of the New Mount Zoar Baptist Church began around the year 1866, when a certain former slave by the name of Jackson Hughes followed the Union Army as it marched north from Louisiana to the settlement of Fairfax, Virginia (then known as Jacksonville Settlement, later renamed the Hughesville Settlement). Not long after Jackson Hughes settled in Fairfax County, he met a young lady named Mariah Beckwith (born a slave in Fairfax County). Shortly after they were married, they located the property on which to build and found the church. Jackson Hughes and several of the others in the community, Charles Botts, Sanford Botts, Andrew Green ,Sarah Parker, Robert Kelsey and his wife immediately set out to start the church.

The original church building, where the first meetings took place, was a building near the old community cemetery on Hope Park Road, Fairfax, Virginia. After several years of different ministers coming in to preach for the church, the Lord blessed the church with Reverend Goffney in 1886. The building was also used as a school as well as for other community activities. Reverend Goffney was brought in as the first Pastor and he suggested building a new church. The congregation agreed and the Botts gave the church a plot of land on which to build.

The earliest record of Mt. Zoar as recorded in Fairfax County land records dates back to June 11, 1886 between George and Julia Douglas, of the first part, and the Botts, Andrew Green and William Anderson, acting as Trustees for the Zolar Baptist Church (Known today and New Mt. Zoar Church), of the second part, of the agreement for the sum of $8.00,the ownership of the plot of land was transferred from Margaret and Charles Botts to Mt. Zoar Church, then known as The Zolar Baptist Church.

April 1947, Rev. C.L. Rogers and his wife Sister Lottie V. Rogers were called to the Mt. Zoar Church. Several years after becoming Pastor, Reverend Rogers began to notice the condition of the old church and decided it was time to build a new church at a more readily accessible location along a main highway. God put it upon his heart to find a new location and build a new House of Worship for God and for his people. After discussing this with the deacons and members, they agreed to support the Pastor in his endeavor. They began to look for a suitable location. Deacon James Burke and Sister Mae Burke lived on Braddock Road and knew of a lot next to their property. The church purchased the lot and built the church building.

Rev Rogers and Deacons Ray Barbour and Earline Metcalf worked diligently to ding the inside of the church. At times, they worked all day and all night. With the help of the Lord, the Church was built and the Pastor and congregation’s dreams of a new Church became a reality. The New Mt Zoar Church was completed on September 3, 1972 and dedicated to the Lord. The Pastor and congregation marched into the building on September 3, 1972.

Rev Rogers suffered from arthritis which made it very difficult for him to get around. With the help of Trustee’s Paul and Lee Barbour, he continued to come to church and minister until he had a stroke and was rendered unable to get around. During his illness, our church son, Minister Glen Barbour, ministered to the congregation. Reverend Rogers was called home to glory, May of 1994. Minister Glen Barbour was made acting Pastor.

Rev Barbour served for one year. During that year several ministers were called to preach to the congregation. The church prayed and asked God for guidance and direction in selecting a new pastor. After many months and many prayer meetings, the Lord answered our prayers. The church had a meeting and voted on the ministers that had been preaching to the church.

There was on young Minister that seemed to stand out from the rest and God directed our votes toward him. Reverend Spencer F. Isaac of the New Mt. Nebo Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, Maryland, where he served as the Assistant to the Pastor Reverend Robert R. Johnson Sr., was elected and called to serve on August 9, 1996.

Rev Isaac officially came to New Mt. Zoar, September 1, 1996 and has served quite admirably for 11 years. Reverend Isaac along with his wife Barbara and their two children Alexis and Stephanie have been a blessing to the life of our church. Reverend Isaac came to the church with high aspirations and a vision from God for the church. The membership has been steadily growing from 33 members to over 300. Reverend Isaac believes that scripture, “in all they ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct thy paths.” During Pastor Isaac’s tenure as our spiritual leader he has licensed 7 ministers of which 2 have been ordained. Through the vision of Pastor Isaac the church has purchased land for our new church building. We believe God for the vision to soon come to pass.

Pastors Serving New Mt. Zoar Baptist Church

Reverend John Clark, Alexandria, Virginia, 1895-1896
Reverend Brooks, Franconia, Virginia, 1896-1905
Reverend Trenton Hedgeman, Catlette Virginia, 1906-1918
Reverend Richard Carter, Washington, DC, 1918-1928
Various Ministers rendered services from 1928-1930
Reverend W.E. Costner, Falls Church, Virginia, 1930-1938
Reverend Demmsey, Washington, DC Associate Minister, 1935-1938
Reverend John Thomas, Washington, DC, 1939-1946
Reverend Belton Brooks, Washington, DC, Acting Pastor 1946-1947
Reverend C.L. Rogers, Washington, DC, 1947-1994
Reverend Glen Barbour, Acting Pastor, 1994-1996
Reverend Spencer Isaac, Woodbridge, VA, 1996-Present